My fave meal at my fave cafe. Creme de marrons crêpe at Le Grainne Cafe in Chelsea. (Drink is a prosecco)

Real breakfast! The first I’ve had in ages! Silly continental Europe and their tiny bread-based breakfasts.

In a cab, heading to JFK.

Actual blog update to come.

Half of this morning’s run was spent on the Hudson River Greenway.

Playing ‘baseball’ in New York City with a 3-year-old on the 4th of July.

Apparently the rules of baseball are as follows:
You MUST wear your baseball gear (i.e. my Yankees jersey and hat he found in my bag).
He holds the wiffleball bat.
You pitch the pretend baseball.
He ‘cracks the ball’, runs into the other room, falls to the ground, and shouts ‘Safe!’

Necessary to any New York existence. A good slice for a buck.

The Journey Has Begun.

I am officially boarding the bus to Knoxville, which will take me to the bus to DC, which will take me to the bus to New York.

…If this line ever moves.

Hello, Internets!

This is the blog for Kelsey’s Epic Journey (2012 Edition)!

Tomorrow I will begin my trek to New York, Ireland, England, Germany, France, New York again, and Boston. There may be other countries mixed into the equation before the story ends. Who knows.

As some of you know, I was accepted for a German immersion program this summer in a small, Bavarian town. We were told that only 8 people from my university would be allowed to go. I’m immensely grateful that I am one of them.

When perusing airline tickets to Germany, I remembered that it would ultimately be about $600 cheaper to fly into England than it would be to fly into Germany. This epiphany allowed me to tack on an pre-trip trip to visit all of my awesome friends around Manchester, most of whom I haven’t seen in nearly 4 years.

This somehow turned into me taking an Aer Lingus flight to Dublin, and rather than me take the ferry and a series of trains and/or buses, my good friend Amy decided to meet me in Dublin for a couple of days and fly back to Manchester with me.

Knowing that I always end up getting sent through Newark whenever I fly to Germany, I thought I might as well tack on a pre-pre-trip trip to New York. Tomorrow, I am taking a series of rather long Megabus and Bolt Bus rides from Memphis to Knoxville to DC to Manhattan. This means that I will be in NY for the 4th of July. Which, you know, is cool and stuff. I fly out of JFK for Dublin Thursday night.

After staying in England for a while, I fly via Ryanair to a dinky little airport 70 miles west of Munich, Germany. I must then find some means of transportation to my little Catholic University in Eichstatt, where I will be for the next month.

After my classes end, I have 4 or 5 days to eventually get to Paris to fly back to the States.

I will then be spending a few days in New York again, then take the train up to Boston to visit my wonderful cousin. Then it’s back to Memphis, just in time for classes to start.